Team FinHackers

The main problem that is evident causing the low penetration of insurance among Filipinos are their lack of awareness about insurance and its long term benefits. The root-cause analysis showed that having an insurance is perceived by Filipinos to be a liability than a source of fund for emergencies. This idea is not true, that is why our solution aims to provide the right awareness and education for Filipinos about insurance, access to financial products and services that are necessary and value-adding, and at the same time, promoting the leading brand of AIA PhilAm Life. The big idea is a super app — iLink: PhilAm Life’s Super App.

iLink will serve as a platform, not just for the clients, but also to the potential ones and the financial advisors within PhilAm Life. This mobile app can be used online and offline. It will have features that are informative, accessible, and easy to use for all. Hence, achieving the ultimate goal — to urge every Filipino to have an insurance and for the long-term, to normalize the culture of having an insurance.