Psychology Society OLFU-QC

Big news! Having and bearing a child kindle up
the joy and warmth of the family but isn’t it
great to be able to take care of them just
before they shed light into this world? Be in
the lead with AIA Link Critical Protect. An
integrated innovative segment of the ‘Critical
Protect’ series, a joint life insurance that covers
both of the mother and the child. Be protected
and assisted with critical disorders starting
from the birth of your child and by also being
taken care of at the same time! The fun never
ends! Aside from risks assessments,
prospective plans are also secured by
converting this plan into an educational plan
and let your child be our future scholars!

Bigger, bolder, and better! Here comes AIA Link
Critical Protect 2.0. A significant junction of the
mother and child life insurance plan with a massive
twist. By covering a huge variety of issue age but
also considering what is best to be offered with
parents and solo parents who already suffers the
daily struggles of having a child with special needs.
Not only taking that, your budget is also a top
priority so the selection system of benefits is
offered to fit what is right with no financial hassles.
Have a minimum premium of at least 1,000PHP per
month or 12,000PHP per annum at any age!