Bente para kay Phiggy is a Student Insurance Program, that covers Life with returns of premium at maturity and student benefit. Today, 20 pesos
seems less likely like coins since it can only buy a few products but with Bente para kay Phiggy, “Your 20 pesos can go a long way”. This product has
a vision that you can afford to live healthier, longer and better lives. It also encourages the youth to invest early for future benefits. Its features have
a goal to caters the needs of every student’s while being true to its promise of helping people live healthier, longer and better lives. The coverage will
be Insurance, Student Discount and Convertibility to Investment-link Insurance. Partnership with different organizations and institutions that will meet
the needs and sustain the purpose of Phiggy. Phiggy stands for Phiggy; PHI for Philam and GGY for piggy bank. Offers affordable premium for average
students to save, be insured, and invest small portion of what they normally have.