Five Pitch Deck Inspirations from Top Companies in the World

Ever wondered how some of the biggest companies in the world started? Well, most them began like typical startups, one bright idea in mind and a meaty, witty pitch deck to encapsulate their powerful potential.

To catapult you in your journey to win the hackfest race, here are five inspiring pitch decks from some of the most innovative companies in the world.

1. Airbnb
Year: 2009 Amount: $600,000
Investors: Sequoia Capital
Est. value: $35 billion (March 2019)

First pitchdeck: Airbnb Pitch Deck From 2008 from Ryan Gum

Behind Uber, Airbnb is the second most valuable privately owned startup company in the U.S., worth somewhere in the vicinity of $35 billion.

Launched as a disrupter to the behemoth hotel industry, it’s so far making good on its promise to democratize travel, allowing virtually anyone on the planet to host their home as a bed and breakfast.

2. YouTube
Year: 2005
Amount: $3,500,000
Investors: Sequoia Capital, ARTIS Ventures

Est. value: $160 billion (May 2018)

First pitchdeck: YouTube pitch deck from Alexander Jarvis

When Google acquired YouTube back in 2006, the $1.5 billion price tag raised a few eyebrows. But with its current valuation estimated to be somewhere around 50x that, it seems to have been a no brainer.

Not much needs to be said about what services the company provides, so… we won’t.

3. LinkedIn
Year: 2004 Amount: $10,000,000
Investors: Greylock Partners
Est. value: $26 billion (June, 2016)

First pitchdeck: Linkedin Series B Pitch Deck from Joseph Hsieh

In an interesting move in June of this year, Microsoft announced it would be acquiring the professional networking site for $26 billion.

Again, we don’t think much needs to be said here—you’re bound to know what LinkedIn is even if you don’t have a personal account—but we found this deck super interesting given the year it was delivered and the amount of the investment secured.

4. Foursquare
Year: 2009 Amount: $1,350,000
Investors: O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, SV Angel (and others)
Est. value: $26 billion (June, 2016)

First pitchdeck: Foursquare’s 1st Pitch Deck from Rami Al-Karmi

Foursquare was founded back in 2009 and after a couple of quiet years really made a bang.

Designed to connect individuals and groups of people with suitable retailers in their vicinity, this deck secured the founding group a nice bundle of cash to kickstart it (an astute investment, given the company’s now reportedly worth almost $26 billion).

5. WeWork
Year: 2014 Amount: $355,000,000
Investors: Benchmark, Goldman Sachs, T. Rowe Price (and others)
Est. value: $16 billion (March, 2016)

First pitchdeck: WeWork pitch deck from Alexander Jarvis Launched in 2010, WeWork changes the way entrepreneurs and small business work. With dedicated, custom-built offices located all over the world, the company offers premium co-working experiences on monthly plans.


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